Charcoal BBQ & Grill Restaurant

“How about Western for tonight?” asked Mama.

The light bulb in my head lit up as this was my chance to try out the newly renovated Charcoal I have been wanting to try ever since I came back. Moreover, I was craving for grilled lamb chops so the timing could not have been more perfect. 😁


The biggest change I noticed was that they replaced the big square sofas in the main dining room with chairs and table, which made the place much more spacious. Other than that and the Menu, everything looked the same… more or less.

The main dining room.




The new menu was nicely designed & easy to read.  There was a wider variety of drinks as well.

We started off with the soup of day- tomato soup- which was very sour. 😖 But the garlic bread was really soft & helped with the taste as we dipped it in our soup.

Tomato Soup ($4.90)
Tex Mex Spare Ribs w Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Corn ($17.90)

Bapa ordered this because he loves spare ribs. A few of my male friends recommended me this dish as well. Hm… what is up with men & their ribs? 🤔

New York Steak 150G w Potato Salad & Mixed Vegetables ($19.50)

Mama said that the mixed vegetables were really good which took me by surprise… because they are just vegetables?? 😂

Charcoal’s Lamb Chops w Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Corn 200g ($14.90)

This is MY BABY.😍   Credits to my friend I.S for recommending this dish to me! And now I highly recommend this dish to all of you. ❤❤❤

Now, this was everything I could ever ask for in a typical Western grilled lamb as the meat was very juicy, succulent & tasty. I mean… you know your food must be good when you disregard the fact that you are a young girl in a public restaurant & you pick those cutlets with your bare hands & eat the meat right off the bone! 😂  I just could not care less in that moment.

However, I would advise going for a bigger portion than 200g as you will only have 2 lamb cutlets! Something I only knew when my meal arrived… 😞

Finally, we had Crème brûlée for desserts. Unfortunately, this was a major- A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT to me because the caramelized sugar on top was not crispy & hard (which is what makes Crème brûlée, Crème brûlée) so as an avid lover of this dessert, I would not recommend purchasing this at Charcoal.

Creme Brulee ($3.90)

Altogether for 3 pax, our bill totaled up to $79.60, including drinks.

The environment was lively & packed with families so all you can hear are children bursting out with laughter and the chitter chatter of their family members. Everyone finished their plates clean because the main dishes were that good.

Perhaps one thing that came off weird to me was that Charcoal was showing National Geographic on the TV and there was certainly nothing appetizing about watching an ant lay her eggs or a bear tear up a dead carcass while you are eating your dinner… 😅  But overall it was a great Sunday dinner out with my family and I would definitely come back again. ☺️




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