Pondok Sari Wangi Seafood Restaurant, Jerudong

While I was still studying overseas, Mama texted me that I must try out the new Pondok Sari Wangi branch in Jerudong when I come back to Brunei… but I wasn’t so into it. Mama persisted though, saying that the place looks super fancy dancy & that they concentrate more on seafood- & because I ❤ Seafood so much,  I was sold.

Tonight, we had our family dinner there with my relatives on Mama’s side.

Credits to PSW FB
Credits to PSW FB

Because we were a big group, we had to book the VIP room (picture above) which consisted of 3 round tables & 2 television screens so I would say PSW is a great place to bring large groups of people.

When I saw the place, I tried not to look so amazed because I could feel Mama looking at me, waiting & wanting so badly to say, “I told you so.” 😛  But to be fair, it really is a nice place to be.


Steamed Red Snapper with Crispy Soya Bean & Garlic  (Signature Dish!)
Ayam Goreng Jakarta  (Apologies that the picture is blurry!)
Iga Kremes

The marinated beef was a bit too sweet for me but still nice.

Salted Egg Prawns
Crispy Fried Baby Squid

The fried squid took me by surprise because it literally looked like Indo mee to me & weirdly enough, it tasted like sweet pusu. If you like pusu, then maybe you would like this.

What I would definitely recommend ordering (which I didn’t take pictures of) would be the Signature Steam Fish, Sayur Lamiding & the  Sup Tulang- the soup was VERY favorable but not oily & the meat was tender. 😋 👍

PSW Jerudong can be found at the JP Food Court Phase 1 & you should book a table  @2610728  before going there as it usually gets really busy! So come have a special dinner with your family here at PSW, we certainly had a great time. ☺️




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