Saturday is my Yoga day.☺️

DESPITE  having to wake up early on a Saturday morning (& the fact that it rained heavily that morning did not help at all 😫), Saturdays are still the days that I look forward to the most.

I have mentioned on my Twitter before about this Yoga class that I attended a few weeks ago with Mama… & now that I have a blog, I felt that this class needed some due attention.

I have joined a lot of YOGA classes before in Brunei, but by far I think that Nora Rahman- a positive, bubbly and funny lady- & the way she conducts her classes are most suited for me. 😊 👍

It is a small class (so book your mats early! YES, mats are provided! Water is provided as well) which makes her able to pay close attention to each of her clients & act quickly or assist when she sees someone is struggling.

It is a safe all female environment (no males allowed! 👦🏻 🚫) so women are able to take off their tudung while practicing YOGA. Most of the girls in my class were hijabis and actually quite young like myself.

Nora’s classes use a variety of props such as blocks, pillows, straps & CHAIRS! It spices things up wondering what would we be doing with these props  🙅🏻  🙆🏻  💁🏻  🙋🏻   so if you want to know what we do with them, you just have to attend a class yourself. 😉


Danura’s Yoga Space


There are 2 instructors Nora & Amani. My classes are Saturday mornings with Nora & I chose the 8 classes package for $80.


The studio is along Jalan Muara & coming from someone who lives all the way in Jerudong, it really is worth the drive. When you enter Kp Sg Tilong, it is the Simpang with Daya Supermart & Bright Kids School. The house has a modern architecture & to get to the studio, just go to the side of the house where you will see a pavement and a ‘Yoga’ sign leading to the studio.


The studio itself is cosy & very calming.
I was not kidding about the chairs!

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Maybe, Jalan Muara is a bit far for some of you so if you ever need help finding a studio to fit your busy schedule, please do not hesitate to ask me & I will be happy to help you! We chose this studio at first because it was the only one that offered a Saturday morning class as Mama has weekends off.

I would highly recommend taking up Yoga for people who need a detox from busy university & work life because it will really balance yourself out- while also working out your tense shoulders & back muscles, improving your blood circulation, correcting your posture- the list goes on & on. Being healthy does not need to be physically demanding! So turn that unintentional frown upside down by trying out Yoga today! Namaste. 🙏🏻



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