M-Strike Billiards House & Cafe 🎱

We- Bapa & I- had just finished our errands for the day & felt like we deserved a treat for all the hard work that we had done  (not really 😂 )  before heading back home.

I knew about M-Strike Billiards House & Cafe from  IG: calligrainan  /  _salsart (another super talented local so check out her artwork! 🎨 ) as Ainan – the owner of those accounts- had been working on the murals there. The place looked quite cool from the pictures & I could see that the cafe was open as we were driving around Setia Kenangan, so I thought… why not?


Open daily from  10am – Midnight


Block E, Unit E11, 1st (pool tables) & 2nd floor (cafe),

Setia Kenangan 2, Kampong Kiulap

The cafe is above ‘Zasyah Boutique’  & ‘Games and Latte’, right across ‘Pepper Lunch’.


Apparently the cafe had just opened yesterday so you can still see wires outside the main entrance & bits along the stairs… But do not be put off by that because the cafe is 100% open! 👍  👍

As we entered, we were enthusiastically (!!) greeted by the staff who I could see were a happy bunch of local youngsters… (I sound so old for saying this! 😫 but it is always lovely to see our youth excited to work. ☺️ ) who then directed us to the best table, which is the one in front of the huge window & took our orders.

We were mostly thirsty due to the scorching heat today so I ordered Matcha Latte (my obsession! 😍 ) while Bapa ordered a Double Chocolate Iced Blended.

Matcha Latte Regular ($5)FullSizeRender-5.jpg

It was weird to me that my Matcha Latte was served in a Costa cup but I did not proceed to ask the waitress why was that so. I liked how they put a fresh flower on the side, perhaps so that it would not look empty so A+ for that extra effort! 🙌  I can say that the Matcha Latte was quite good so I was happy.

Double Chocolate Iced Blended ($7) -Tastes like chocolate milkshake!

Besides the normal coffee, tea & iced blended, they also serve smoothies & mocktails.

The only food the Cafe served were cakes (for the time being) but as we were rushing for time, I did not get to try the Mango Cheesecake! Now all I can think about is that Mango Cheesecake… 😢


If you look closely to the picture, you can see that the cupcakes are very pretty! They are from  IG: delicieux_eggs  & be prepared to see culinary genius from all the super cute cupcakes! So now if you want cupcakes from delicieux_eggs, you know where to get them. 😉

What strikes this cafe as special to me is that they have pool tables so I can already imagine how packed this cafe will be, once it picks up.



The pool sessions are having a promotion for $6 an hour & $3 for half an hour. The normal price afterwards would be $8 an hour.


The interior of the cafe itself is very IG worthy so this just made me more angry at myself for not bringing my digital camera! Lesson learnt for me to always bring my camera in my handbag. 😕




Do you SEE what I mean?


“Coffee and friends make the perfect blend”– so what are you waiting for? Come bring your friends over to M-Strike Billiards & Cafe & have the perfect time! ❤️  🤓



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