Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria🍕(BAD EXPERIENCE 😖)

I was in the mood for Italian food 🍝 so we started listing out all the eateries we could think of such as Villa Mauri (but we’ve eaten there so many times), Fratinis, Capers & so on. We decided on Sorriso as we had only eaten there once, which was a few years back when it had just opened. After reading a few good reviews on social media, we thought to give Sorriso another shot. 🙂


Sorriso is located at Regent Square Kiulap, on the very end. Open daily from 11 am – 10 pm.




We started with Funghi Ripieni Al Pesto which is button mushrooms filled with garlic butter & pesto, coasted in breadcrumbs.

Funghi Ripieni Al Pesto ($7.50)

The taste of the mushrooms were quite overwhelming but lacked seasoning so we had to add salt ourselves. This dish would have been better with melted mozzarella on top/or stuffed inside.

Fusilli Acciughe ($15.25)

Bapa ordered the Fusilli Acciughe which is spiral pasta with spicy anchovies, beef rushes & fresh tomato.

He ordered this dish because he ❤️s anchovies SO MUCH. However, he was very disappointed with this dish as he said the taste of the beef rushes was so powerful that it completely masked out the taste of the anchovies- & anchovies have a distinctive taste! 😰  He also said that the sauce was quite creamy, when he requested for dry pasta & the sauce was too complicated for his liking. He started to reminisce about our vacation in Italy where the food there did not need so many ingredients in the dish, yet tasted amazing. Oh, how we wish to visit Italy again! 😭  🇮🇹


Fusilli Gamberoni E Porcini ($17.50)

Mama ordered the Fusilli Gamberoni E Porcini which is prawns & wild mushrooms tossed in olive oil, garlic & cherry tomatoes.

Mama specifically asked the waitress for a non creamy & dry based pasta as well so the waitress suggested this. However when the dish arrived, Mama was not happy. For starters, it did not look appetizing at all & it was wet & creamy- exactly what Mama did not want. 😤 She said the taste of mushroom was overwhelming that all she could taste was mushroom. She said it was like eating pasta in mushroom soup. 😕

Ravioli Al Crostacei ($16)

I ordered the Ravioli Al Crostacei which is home made parcel pasta filled with lobster & prawns, served with butter & sage sauce. Thankfully for me, this dish was alright -not WOW, but alright. However, it left an unpleasant after-taste in my mouth so I had to order tea to wash whatever it was, down.


We proceeded to order Tiramisu for our dessert, however the Tiramisu was not ready to be served so we opted for Chocolate Lava. You will need to order a scoop of vanilla ice cream as the chocolate lava does not come with ice cream.

Chocolate Lava

When the chocolate lava arrived, we were surprised as it did not look like your typical chocolate lava cake. 🤔


When we broke into it, we noticed there was a yellow fluid as well & it might have been custard.

Thankfully we ordered the Chocolate Lava because it saved our lunch from being a complete disappointment! The cake was hot, moist & really good. 👍 I would not recommend our main dishes but this dessert is something to go for! 😍

I am sure Sorriso -being an established & reputable Italian restaurant- has their signature/great dishes so perhaps we ordered wrongly, or the style of cooking & its innovative recipes were just not to our taste… to each their own, really.

However, as a a food blogger, I find it my duty to not only share the good experiences but as well as the bad. We probably would not go to Sorriso again but you can still try out the place for yourself- perhaps, not order what we had? 😅



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