Tamu Selera, BSB

When it comes to authentic, guaranteed-to-be delicious as well as cheap local food, you will surely find it not in the fanciest of restaurants, but in the gerai-gerai or ‘hawker centres’. Tamu Selera is exactly that; situated right next to the St Andrew’s Church in Bandar, hundreds of stalls & carts open daily from 5 pm to midnight.



Most of the stalls have seafood bars like these so you can browse from stall to stall & assess the ‘freshness’ of the fish yourself.



I have eaten at Tamu Selera countless of times so I can confidently say that the best stall (in my opinion) to get your sambal ikan/pari bakar would be Bob Ume Kitchen.  🙌


Firstly, they cook the fish in the sambal then top the fish with the sambal again before serving.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Ikan Bakar ($10)
The fish we used was Tilapia. The sauce is a bit spicy, nothing unbearable & it was SOOOO YUMMY!

Apparently, we were not the only ones who shared that sentiment… because when we arrived, Bob Ume Kitchen was packed & we had to sit elsewhere. 😰

We sat at Mizu Seafood Village. Here, we ordered Kerang masak Kicap, Steamed Crabs with Salted Egg Sauce & Sayur Pakis.


Kerang Masak Kicap ($5)
Steamed Crabs with Salted Egg Sauce ($28). It was expensive because we bought 2 live crabs.
The crab meat was very sweet and the salted egg sauce was just nice, not too salty.

Do not worry about eating the crab with your hands as every stall provides their own wash basin & soap. Do not be embarrassed either as everybody else will be eating with their hands as well! 😂

Sayur Pakis ($3)

In terms of taste… I guess you can be the judge of that, as all of our plates were scrapped clean & the fish was left nothing but the bone. Overall, we had a really good family dinner out. 😚 👌

Another recommendation I would like to put out there -however, based on raves from social media- would be Gerai no. 26, Maha Bumi Tropika’s Ayam Bakar. I have yet to try this out myself, so hopefully I will have the chance to on my next dining experience with Tamu Selera.



Tamu Selera may not look as much, but trust me when I say that exceptionally good food usually come from places that you least expect. So instead of spending hundred+ at that fancy seafood restaurant, come give our local hawker centre a try! 😄 👍



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