AlterEgo Fusion, Kiulap

I get really, REALLY excited when I find that there is a new restaurant or cafe in town 😬 & I will be itching to head on over there before the crowd starts pouring in. 😅 Today, Alter Ego Fusion held their soft opening & having the same owners as High Frequency Batu Besurat, my expectations were exceptionally high. 😊

Open 10 am – 10 pm & located in Setia Kenangan II, Kiulap, right across Euro Classic. Look out for this banner!


Once you enter, this lovely display will be the first thing that you see.
I am not so sure why there was that big fish placed right at the top…



This was aesthetically pleasing to me as I have a thing for brick walls
…& black & white photos.


Their cake selection

In terms of interior, Alter Ego keeps a clean, simple & cool design with mostly wooden furnishing. There were not any couches, just wooden chairs with a low back so they may not be comfortable for some people who are looking for a place to lay back. 😕 BUT, it is definitely a nice place to be productive & get some work done! 📚 💻  The people who came in were mostly working people & their friends.

As this was their soft opening, our waitress warned us in advance that the choices were limited & that their full range menu would be available from the grand opening onwards.

Looking through the menu, I could see that Alter Ego offers a modern Asian fusion from serving Kimchi Bulgogi Burrito, Sweet Miso Pumpkin Spaghetti, Mango Sticky Rice infused tea (WHAT? 😳),  Pandan Chiffon infused tea, Bandung St Honore ( a french pastry with a Malay twist) & so much more. Fusion restaurants are definitely for people who like to try out weird -or a more polite word- creative recipes, so if you are one of them, Alter Ego could be a fun place for your taste buds as well as to expand your palate. However, don’t get on your high horse just yet! 😛

Lemongrass Chicken ($16.80)

Mama ordered the Lemongrass Chicken (because she ❤️s Sarai! 🌿) which consisted of roasted spring chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted garlic & cherry tomatoes.

Mama said that her chicken tasted fine, her mashed potatoes were creamy but it was nothing mind-blowing really, which you should usually expect from a fusion meal. Moreover, she found her meal to be quite pricey, considering that it was just a piece of chicken & a side.

A flatlay version of the Lemongrass Chicken
Five Spice Short Ribs ($25.90) & a Chef Recommendation!

Bapa ordered the Five Spice Short Ribs which consisted of braised short ribs, grilled pumpkin (cut up like fries🍟) & pan seared broccoli.


Bapa was quite shocked that for $25.90, he got ONE small short rib (which is usually one of the cheapest cuts btw, unless imported) whereas at Charcoal, you would be able to get 3 pieces or a much bigger portion for the same price. The short rib was actually really tasty, although a bit tough.

Blackened Chicken ($17.50)

Originally, I was going to order the Poached Salmon Soba Aglio Olio which consisted of an olive oil poached salmon, soba aglio olio & curried pineapple chutney. Unfortunately, the dish was unavailable for the day so I opted for Blackened Chicken, another Chef Recommendation!👍🏻 This consisted of chicken thigh, pan seared cauliflower, bechamel sauce & roasted garlic.


We all agreed that my dish was the best one among the 3 because the chicken was very tender & seasoned perfectly so this would be the dish that I would come back for. 😍 I would have wanted for the cauliflower to be steamed because they were quite hard, but all & all I enjoyed my meal very much. 😘 👌

Vanila Choux ($3.50)

Basically a French cream puff, the Vanilla Chantilly Cream was to die for! 😩 Extremely light & it absorbed directly into our tongues. I wish I could have more of that cream! However, the pastry itself was a bit hard.

Honey Layer Cake ($7)

Apparently the Honey Layer Cake 🍯 was a best seller & we were able to snatch the very last piece of the day. If you like the taste of honey, you may like this cake because you are going to taste nothing but honey! 😂

Our bill totaled up to $83+, which we would also get for dining at Kaizen Sushi Restaurant. However, at Kaizen, we would have ordered way much more. I would say that the food is indeed tasty, the interior is indeed pleasing but I think that for the small portions we got, the food is over priced. 😭 💸 💸 Especially when I know places where I can get the same dish for a bigger portion or for cheaper so really at Alter Ego, you would be paying for the ambience & food plating. My honest advice would be that if you are looking for a place to eat a lot, this is not your place.

However, I am looking forward to their grand opening so as to see what else they have to offer with their extended menu so I for one, will be coming back! ☺️




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