Magnum Cafe, Citis Square

*Bzzzzz!!* *BZZZZ!!!* 📞

The vibrate from my phone echoed through the office as it was a quiet Friday afternoon & when I flipped my phone over to check who was calling me during office hours, the caller ID read, “Mama”.

“Oh man, this must be an emergency,” I thought. 😰

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” I asked, worried.

“I just finished my meeting….” Mama replied,

“…& I’m hungry. So shall we go out for high tea?”


Well, it was indeed an emergency, just a FOOD emergency. 😂

We agreed on Magnum Cafe as it was close to where I work but really, it was because it had been at the top of my MOST WANTED TO VISIT eateries, ever since it opened 2 weeks ago. 😩

We went through the side entrance, where you would usually go for Fish & Co. Fish & Co. is still there, just downsized.



It was such a delight to see the servers having fun creating the Magnums
I am obsessed with these lamps! I can’t be the only one to think that they remind me of Hershey kisses

Magnum Cafe with its classy design is not really a big place & since it is still relatively new, the cafe is always full, therefore, if you are thinking of bringing a large group of people (more than 4), I would suggest calling in advance. The chairs are very comfortable, by the way!😊

So first of all, you choose whether you want a chocolate or vanilla ice cream stick, & what coating would you like your ice cream to be in, this can be either milk, dark or white chocolate .



Next is the fun bit, the ‘Make Your Magnum’ customization…

With a maximum of JUST 3 toppings, it was a tough decision to make as there was a wide variety of toppings to choose from, ranging from roasted almond, roasted peanuts, chopped pistachios, crushed Oreos (😍), marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, chili flakes (😧), sea salt flakes, goji berries, culinary rose petals, granola bits, dried mango (interesting!), blackcurrant pastilles, potato chips (huH? 😳),  popcorn, pretzels (oh MY!), dried cranberry & chocolate crush pearls! 😫




Your server will put your toppings in a metal shaker… shake ’em about to ensure that everything is evenly mixed, place them onto your Magnum before drizzling even MORE chocolate on top  of your fresh creation… & not to forget the iconic mini ‘M’ chocolate coin.

And VIOLA! 🤗  You get your very own customized Magnum!



My toppings were Marshmallows (recommend!❤️), Chocolate Crush Pearls (HIGHLY recommend! ❤️❤️) & culinary rose petals 🌹 -only so that my Magnum would look pretty to post- *Ashamed* 🙈  But as good as the rose petals looked on camera, they literally tasted like confetti! So my advice would be to restrain yourself from the temptation of having that IG worthy Magnum (I know it’s hard) & get something like crushed Oreos or roasted Almonds. You will enjoy your Magnum even more! 😋


Mind you, the milk chocolate coating was a bit too sweet for me, so I might go for a dark chocolate coat next time round.


Mama’s toppings were chopped pistachios, chocolate crushed pearls & crushed Oreos.


The Magnums costed $5 each

Magnum Cafe does not just serve customized ice creams, they also do savoury items such as mushroom soup, mushroom salad, chicken karage, spicy calamari, fried chicken wings, onion rings, mac & cheese, chicken caesar salad, chicken & salted egg spaghetti (❤️) & spicy crab spaghetti,

AS WELL as other sweets such as red velvet cake, trifle, cookie dough (😍), tiramisu, cendol  (🤔) & chocolate fondue (😍).

OR a fusion of both with their Almond crusted french fries with spicy chocolate dip 😯… I dont know, don’t judge it until you try it, I suppose!

We ended up ordering this beauty,

Chicken & Salted Egg Spaghetti ($14)

The spaghetti may look like it is a small portion in the picture, but the flat plate is actually a bowl that goes in deeper.

The chicken bits were crispy, crunchy & slightly spicy, just the way that I like it. The salted egg sauce was not overwhelming & was VERY delicious. When we were done with the pasta, there was still lots of sauce leftover, which we finished off like we were eating soup. It was that good!



Magnum Cafe, I would say is the perfect place to have a chill & casual outing with your friends, high tea with your family or just to have desserts after dinner (or anytime really!)😜

To be honest, I did not really understand the hype of customizing your own Magnum as I walked past other Magnum cafes during my overseas travels, but now I can safely say that I DO. First of all, it’s ice cream- so what’s not to like about that?

Moreover, the ability to choose & design your own Magnum with toppings that you specifically like is actually super fun & the extra toppings make your Magnum ice cream EXTRA YUMMY.😋 Plus, I felt so proud & happy to see how beautifully presented my Magnum turned out to be in the end. 😂

I’ve only been to Magnum Cafe 2 days ago but writing this & remembering the whole experience in my head (& tastebuds) just makes me crave for more so I am definitely going to come around often!😁



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  1. food enthusiast says:

    I ❤️💘💜 this post so much 😍 because u posted about ice cream 😂 just wanted to ask, if u don’t mind sharing, what type of camera did u used to capture this photos? ☺️


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