Sate House, Kiulap

After seeing how much this particular restaurant was blowing up on social media, we decided to have our early Sunday dinner at none other than Sate House. 😊


Open daily from 11am to 10 pm

With exception of Fridays, 2 pm – 10 pm

Located at Unit B9, Block B,

Setia Kenangan II, Kiulap (the last building, right next to WayBack Burgers)


We were actually fortunate enough that we came right before all the calls came in because as of right now, Sate House only entertains reservations & within 5 minutes of us sitting down at our table, all the other tables were booked with ‘Reserved’ signs. 😨

Hence, I kindly advise to call 📞 2231017  to avoid disappointments because there were a few customers that came in but had to leave because the place was already booked. Yikes!

In terms of interior design, Sate House keeps it bright, colourful & modern chic- VERY photogenic & definitely IG worthy.

But then again, I am quite biased towards brick walls…


Sit at table 10 or 11 if you’re running low on battery because there are power sockets!

Every restaurant has that one trademark or unique landscape & this panel of random drawers is definitely Sate House’s! I would not be surprised if I see many social media posts in the future with this panel in the background.



Now onwards to the menu!


Sate House offers a variety of typical Indonesian food from different types of Bakwan (Cucur/Fritters),  rice dishes such as Nasi Uduk Campur, Nasi Kuning, Ayam/Iga/Udang Penyet, Sup Tulang, many chicken dishes such as Ayam Bakar, Ayam Opor & of course, sate.

Sate Sapi (Beef) $3.80

The beef was very juicy, favourable & tender, although a bit sweet for my parents. Bapa said he could not really taste the sate spices & that the peanut sauce was a bit too thick, having texture of paste, rather than sauce. However, I quite enjoyed the sate.😋


Nasi Uduk Campur

The Nasi Uduk Campur is a traditional dish of coconut rice with chicken, shredded eggs, fried tempe & vegetables served with homemade chili paste. Bascially, Nasi Lemak.😂

This dish was just alright, nothing special. You can taste the coconut milk in the rice which was good, the fried tempe turned out to be crackers (as seen in the picture) so I was  quite upset about that but the chili paste was spicy good.

We also ordered,

Sayur Singkong (Slightly bitter & I prefer Pondok Sari Wangi’s)
Tempe Goreng ($3)

We ordered the tempe goreng because I was really craving for some tempe. We had to request for it to not be fried with tepung/flour. However, the chili paste that came along  with the dish was sweet Thai chili sauce, unlike the sambal that Pondok Sari Wangi would give.

In my due honest opinion, the food at Sate House is just okay- not bad but not as great as Pondok Sari Wangi. However, it is nice that there is another Indonesian restaurant in town. Having just opened, Sate House still has room for improvement. They already have the ambience, the location & the hype, so I think that if they focused more on their food, Sate House will be great in the future.




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