Perhaps, one of my favourite past times would be to scroll about my social feed, in hopes of finding something quirky or interesting, AND THIS local Instagram business certainly peaked my fancy! 👀

The PMSBOXBN (instagram name) is run by 3 housewives who are also cousins so it is a local family-run business. The business sorts out a ~special box~ 😯 each month, containing 10-12 fixed mystery items specifically catered to help girls through that time of the month 😖, hence the name, PMS BOX.

When I interviewed one of the owners, she said that that they got the idea from seeing female boxes in other countries, such as Pink Parcel in the UK, Kotak Pelangi 🌈 in Malaysia & Wonderbox in Singapore, so they thought why not Brunei? 🤔

She went on to mention that this is a trial business as they were not sure how people would respond or how well the business would pick up, however they are grateful on the responses they have been receiving so far. 👍🏼

1 box costs $20 which you will have to collect at Sungai Tilong, Jalan Muara, otherwise, you can get it specially delivered to your doorstep for $24 (however, on Saturdays only). BUT, if you do an advanced order with deposit, you will be entitled to a free delivery if you are within the BSB area. It is a $2.50 delivery charge for Tutong & Kuala Belait residents’ advanced orders.

Anyway, these mystery items may range from comfort food such as chocolate and candies, chocolate drinks, comforting tea, facial sheet masks, so on & so forth. The only way you can know for sure is to get one for yourself! Thus, being the curious cat that I was, I did exactly that. 😂

Credits: pmsboxbn
unnamed (1).jpg
Credits: pmsboxbn


When the box came, the first thing I did was shake it about (Yes, like a child  😛) to sort of guess what was inside & yeah, I smelt it as well… (don’t judge me) & it smelt good -like blueberries- & I thought, ‘Oh wow, maybe they sprayed their boxes.’ 😍

Next, I proceeded to open the box…

Stop Ovary-acting! 😛 You will find this piece of paper stuck on underneath.


All the contents emptied out.

I was unsure myself on what to expect but my first box turned out to be more food than I thought there would be. 😕 As seen above, these were exactly the things that I got from my box:

  • Roller Coaster potato rings
  • Double Chocolate Chips More!
  • Swiss White Chocolate Toblerone
  • Almond & Chocolate Pepero
  • 1 Zip Strawberry Flavour chocolate bar
  • 1 Kit Kat
  • 1 stick of Halls candy
  • 2 Chupa Chups lollipops (Cola and Orange flavour)
  • 1 BLUEBERRIES scented sachet (This was what made the box smell so good!)
  • (Not included in the picture) 6 Pads -Libresse Maxi Night Wings 32 cm

One of the members of the PMSBOXBN told me that as it was their first box, they were unsure themselves on what to include other than food & as the items were already fixed at the beginning of the month, there could be no changes made for the other January boxes. However, following back on feedback from other customers, including myself, the team is now stocking up other items besides food for next month’s box. What could these items be? Well, you would just have to order their February box to find out! 😛😛😛

My verdict? The pmsboxbn is of course, still starting out so there will be a few trial-and-errors. But having talked to one of the team members, I can see that they are eager to learn from their customers’ feedbacks & improve where ever they can so as their business will grow & succeed. As they mentioned themselves that, “All customers’ feedbacks and suggestions WILL BE considered because we want to provide you guys with what you want during your pms, not based on what we ‘think’ our customers would want.”

So to anyone who has purchased their January boxes, I think it would be very important as well as highly appreciative that you tell them what you think!

Would I get myself another box? MOST definitely!😬 I honestly think that this is a great business idea which has the potential to help a lot of girls, so I am excited to see how they will develop from here on out. 😊


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