Nerdee Cafe, Kiulap ⚗️🔬

After being denied twice, yes, TWICE -because they do not open on a Monday nor during lunch hour 😩 – MM & I were finally able to try this place out! REJOICE! Third time’s the charm, right? 🍀


Location: Setia Kenangan II, Kiulap, at the very end. (Search up at the 1st floor!)

Open TUESDAY– Sunday, 2PM – 12 am. Kitchen closes at 10:30 pm.

Telephone: 7214977


The interior design of Nerdee Cafe was rather minimalist -even the floor was untiled, showing a plain cement floor- which I suppose serves Nerdee’s concept & focus to provide a simple & spacious area to play board games & chill.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-20 at 11.46.48 PM.jpeg

We liked the scientific equipment laid out on the counter where we placed our orders. Bringing us back old school~
I was so tempted to grab some markers & colour in these cartoons.
This is really pretty!
But this was my favourite part of the wall.


F.Y.I: Nerdee has a $3.50 charge for people who do not order anything, so you’re better off ordering.

I was not too keen to find that the food selection was quite limited 😕 , with only 7 items & they were quite light: Nachos, Chicken Quesadillas, 2 different types of sushi burritos, Spaghetti & Meatballs & 2 different types of waffle burgers. Not the best place to be considering we were famished! 😂

Nachos Libre’ ($6.20)

MM has been wanting Nachos for quite some time so obviously ordered the Nachos Libre’ -chips, chili beef, cheese sauce & salsa.

MM’s review: Nachos looked incredibly good on their IG but the actual taste was a bit of a let down in my opinion. It was alright, nothing quite special. Was put off by the fact that it’s got lots of beans.


I was put off by the beans as well so it would be great if Nerdee were to include ‘beans’ in the menu description. The nachos tasted great served hot, but when they cooled down, the nachos got soggy so my advise would be to finish them straight away!

I will have one NaC2H3O2 please!
Chicken Quesadillas ($7.60)

❤️❤️ RECOMMEND❤️❤️

Initially, I wanted to order the Kimchi Noodles as recommended by my friends, but as it turns out, they do not serve Kimchi Noodles anymore! Hence, I ordered the Chicken Quesadillas which were 4 slices of toasty quesadillas, shredded slow cooked chicken, cheese sauce & homemade kimchi sauce, served with salsa. 🌮

I thoroughly enjoyed my dish, not just because I was starving 😅 but it was honestly quite delicious, especially that homemade kimchi sauce was to die for, as it added that nice tangy flavour to the dish. 😘  I expected the tortillas to be hard but they was nicely soft. For anyone looking for something a bit heavier to eat at Nerdee, I would suggest ordering this dish!

MM: Zawanah ordered this & I managed to have a taste. It was really good & I really enjoyed it. The taste was balanced really well & it got that subtle but distinct tangy taste that I quite enjoyed. Recommended!

Matcha Made in Heaven ($5.20)

MM really likes anything Matcha thus ordered this Matcha Milkshake.

MM: Expected a bigger size but it was only served in a small sized beaker. Lol. But it wasn’t too bad.  The milk taste was more dominant (as expected, as it was a milkshake). Expected more matcha taste to it but it was still quite enjoyable to drink.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-20 at 11.46.47 PM.jpeg


Campfire Milkshake ($5.90)

I am a huge sucker for marshmallows & because I have never tried smores before, I was looking forward to this drink. The marshmallows were yummy, but the burnt parts tasted, well, burnt -I did not know what I was expecting!😅 The milkshake itself is actually a peanut butter milkshake so it had a few bits of nuts in it… but it was still quite nice.



Take a Chill Pill ($5)

What fascinated me about Nerdee the most were the cool & crazy concoction of drinks that they served so I decided to also order this blend of watermelon, lychee & mint. It was a hot day so I was in need of something refreshing to cool me down. Alas, I was not so crazy about this drink as something about it tasted a bit off. 😕  MM suspected that they used lychee in the can together with the water kept inside, hence giving off that weird taste. O’ well, it still looked pretty though.

MM & I agreed that Nerdee is a great place to kill time -to hangout with friends over lab-themed drinks & a wide range of boardgames. Probably not the best place for a catch up session as it would be noisy & probably not quite the best in terms of food due to the limited range. We do hope that they would add in more light finger food such as cheesy fries, etc – food that people can munch on while playing games. However, Nerdee has been posting up on their Instagram, new food & drinks that they plan to add to their menu so stay tuned for that!

Nevertheless, we had a fun afternoon at Nerdee. 😊


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