Flour and Butter, Menglait (TRIP 1)

Another check off my list was this lovely cafe, Flour and Butter. I have been wanting to try this cafe out because I have heard nothing but good reviews for their excellent coffee, especially the espresso & flat white, & their fresh cakes, especially the Musang King Durian cake! You know a cafe must be good, when you do not just get a recommendation for one single item but for a lot of different things – meaning to say that everything there must be great! Sounds a bit too good to be true, yeah? Together with a good friend of mine, we went to find out for ourselves.



Location: Right next to LeApple Bakery, Menglait.

No. 29, Ground Floor, Bangunan Hj Hassan Abdullah, Jalan Gadong.

Open TUESDAY, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 11 am – 11 pm

Friday: 2.30 pm – 11 pm

Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

Kitchen closes at 4 pm

CLOSED ON MONDAYS! (You have no idea how many times I came to this place on a Monday…)

Telephone: 2422323

Instagram: flourandbutterbn



The cafe has a minimalist yet modern design, it is quite a small place (as captured below) so it can easily be packed during lunch hour & high tea. You can see how crazy the lunch crowd can get in flourandbutterbn’s InstaStory thus Haifa & I decided to come a bit later in the afternoon, even then all of the tables were reserved! You may want to call in advance to book a table, if you are bringing more than 2. Moreover, the type of customers who dined at Flour and Butter were mostly middle aged folks, so if you are looking for a place to bring your mommy for a lovely high tea, this could be it!



I also liked how they had a open kitchen because you can see for yourself how your meals are being prepared. Hence the standard of cooking & hygiene has to be kept.


• FOOD •

They had a one page menu offering savouries & other light food.
If you were looking for something that you might have seen on their Instagram but could not find in their menu, it is probably written in their Daily Specials board.

I really wanted to get their Strawberry Crepe cake but alas, they were not serving it that day. However, you can Insta DM (they are quite active & fast in replying) or call beforehand to know what are the cakes on display.

Iced Peach Tea ($4)

Haifa ordered the Iced Peach Tea , a fine choice because I was going to order that! 😤  And upon her first sip, her eyes buzzed wide open 😳  so I could tell that she liked her tea.

Haifa’s comment: Yep my fav iced peach tea so far!! Sweet to taste & it fits my liking & gotta say its a refreshing drink for a long catch up sesh. The peaches inside my drink were so fresh as well to munch on. *thumbs up

As for me, one of the first things that grabbed my eye was this signboard because I am mad  (& quite picky) for Green Tea Latte.


Hot Green Tea Latte

The Green Tea Latte was EXCEPTIONAL!💚  You could even say that I very…. matcha liked it.🙊 So far, the best Green Tea Latte I’ve had was from Krema but now I would prefer Flour and Butter’s. Although Krema’s matcha taste in their latte is strong, it tends to stain your teeth green, which can be quite embarrassing when you’re with a friend. The matcha taste at Flour and Butter is less overwhelming. I also liked how they served 2 homemade biscuits with my latte, as they did with all other coffee orders.

Mushroom Pasta w Boneless Chicken ($12.50)

Haifa ordered this pasta because she really likes boneless chicken – she’s quite peculiar about that…

Her comment: The pasta was filling, I finished the whole plate (SHE REALLY DID). It was not as creamy as I thought it would be but the tender boneless chicken gave the pasta a nice taste. However, if only they could add a bit more of seasoning in the sauce, I would give it a solid 10. 

Pumpkin Prawn Pasta ($12.90)

I thoroughly enjoyed this dish because I really like the taste of pumpkin & that was all I could taste. The fresh prawns were cooked perfectly & tasted well with the pumpkin sauce. I would say it is a bit mild in terms of seasoning, like some would prefer a bit more salt to add more flavour. The pasta is quite creamy & filing so I was already full after a short while. #blessed 😊

For desserts, we planned to get a slice of the famous Musang King Durian cake but we were taken aback when we saw that for ONE SLICE, it costed $10.50.😦 I remember just staring at that cake, contemplating if it would be worth it to indulge $10 in a slice… but in the end, I opted to take away a Durian Crepe for my mother, & even that small piece costed me $4+ 💸 💸  Tip: The durian crepe would not be displayed on the counter & you would have to ask for it.

Because I really wanted to try at least one cake from Flour and Butter, I ordered the salted caramel cheesecake, kinda because I was not feeling the other selections which were nutella crepe & chocolate cream cake.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake ($4.50)

As my birthday was coming up, Haifa arranged for my cake to be delivered with a candle & a balloon! Boy, was I surprised & very happy! Thank you Haifa, I know you’re reading this. 😘 💜

The salted caramel cheesecake was just alright, nothing too fancy as I could not really taste the caramel.


Coming back home, I gave my mum the durian crepe that I took away for her & she absolutely DEVOURED it. She said it tasted sooooo good, making me only regret not splurging on that Musang Durian cake.😭 However, we plan to go again soon so hopefully they will have that cake in store!

*Read my next post about my second trip to Flour and Butter, this time with my parents!*


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