Flour and Butter, Menglait (TRIP 2)

Today, I had the chance to bring my parents out for a lovely Saturday brunch at Flour and Butter. I was especially looking forward to this because my mum absolutely adored the durian crepe that I took away for her, the last time (READ: Flour and Butter TRIP 1) AND she said that the next time we go, we will try out the ever so expensive ($10.50 PER SLICE!) Musang Durian cake. Heeeh! Such excitement! 😁

Flat White ($5)

This time round, I had to order myself a cup of their Flat White as I heard from at least 4 people that it is quite good over there. It was alright, I guess. The Flat White had that bitter coffee taste, that I know some people would enjoy. I guess in terms of coffee, I may not be the best person to ask as I am not a coffee person, but I still wanted to try at least. The homemade cookies though… especially the cranberry oatmeal cookie was really yummy.

*F.Y.I: For those who are lactose intolerant, you can request for soy milk for 50 cents extra.*

To start us off, we ordered the Pumpkin Soup. It was quite different from the typical pumpkin soup you would get, say for example, from Fleur-de-lys, & I think it had to do with the cream. Because of the foamy cream added on top (pictured below), it felt like I was drinking a latte/cappuccino (maybe that was what they were going for), but instead of coffee, you get a hint of pumpkin. The pumpkin taste was not so pronounced. It was nice but perhaps a bit too creamy for me, or how my mum would say, ‘belamak’. It really helps if you have hot tea to wash everything down.

Fresh Pumpkin Soup ($4.90) *Best Seller/Chef Recommendation*


Spaghetti Aglio Olio w Seabass ($11.90)

My mum ordered the Spaghetti Aglio Olio w Seabass ($11.90) & she enjoyed it. She said that the seabass was cooked well as it had a nicely crisp skin & was not dry. She liked how there were tomatoes added to the dish as the sourness of the tomatoes helped to cancel out any strong fishy taste (rasa lantuh) but most of all, how the dish was seasoned perfectly. My mum almost always asks for salt & pepper because the food would always be lacking something but this time she didn’t. She said, she just had to mix the pasta & fish around to get all the flavours she liked. “It was perfect!”

Moreover, to anyone who would like a plate of Spaghetti Aglio Olio but cannot take prawns (either because of allergies or personal preference) as how they are usually served with, this could be a good alternative!

My dad, on the other hand, is quite peculiar when it comes to Italian food. He noticed from the open kitchen that the chefs pre cooked the spaghetti -this is when the spaghetti is undercooked first & stored in the fridge. Then when customers start ordering, the chefs take out the spaghetti, reboil them with added stock, in order to cook them thoroughly. However this causes the spaghetti to be brittle & break apart easily during the cooking process & while eating.

My dad said that the pasta is not bad (just not the same as freshly cooked pasta) but because it tends to break easily, you cannot twirl your spaghetti around nicely with a fork & end up scooping up the pieces.

Beef Lasagna ($11.90)
Beef Lasagna (TOP VIEW)

I am quite skeptical when it comes to Lasagna in Brunei because I have not found one that I liked yet. Sad to say that Flour and Butter’s lasagna did not meet my expectations either –or maybe it just was not for me 🙁 . The tomato puree they used for the sauce was overpowering so it had that typical sour tomato taste that I did not like. The tomatoes made the dish quite acidic so I would not recommend someone with stomach problems to have this as their first meal of the day.😖 To help counter the acidity, they could perhaps add more parmesan cheese on top.

👑  👑  👑

KING Musang Durian Cake ($10.50)

Not the best angle but I was just too excited to eat this slice of cake! Both my mum & I really liked this cake but because of the price, we were also quite conflicted.😂

My mum: No doubt about it that the taste is very good. It brings me back to when I ate durian in the kampung, because it really tastes like that, with a bit of a bitter taste. However, I personally believe that  it is not worth its price. It is way, way, way overpriced,  considering the abundance of durian we have right now. Durian as well is not a novelty/seasonal item as we can get it almost all the time.  The cake itself is creamy & very rich (maybe with a hint of pandan coconut as my dad pointed out) so you will not be able to finish a slice on your own. But that depends on how crazy you are for durian! 

My dad: Sure, you are paying more for the way they made the cake, but it is just a sponge cake with thick durian mousse in between, is it not?

Durian Crepe
They had these cute Instagram cutout props to make your pictures look more interesting!

As my dad did not get to try this last time, we let him take the first bite.

My dad: It is basically durian putih with cream. The crepe could have been softer as this was a bit chewy for me. And again, pricey.  

As for me, the Durian cake & crepe were both really nice -almost heavenly😍 but I would prefer the durian crepe over the cake as the durian they used was very sweet & they were very generous with the filling. Moreover, it came in this cute small pocket- if it were any bigger, I would feel bloated because of the cream. Although the Durian cake was very nice, I probably would not order it again, not at that price. 💸 💸 💸  However, if you are really into durian & you do not mind splurging every once in a while, you should consider giving this cake a try!


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