Verve Espresso

One cafe that I can definitely vouch for their coffee would be Verve Espresso (like even the word ‘Espresso’ is in the name) –and I’m not even that much of a coffee person. So when a friend texted me to meet up for coffee, naturally this was the first place I thought of. 😊


Location: Unit 6A, Simpang 68, Jalan Batu Bersurat.

The same building with The Collective Makerspace, Take5 & Alliance Française. If you do not know where those are, it is the new building behind RiceBowl, Batu Besurat.

Open Monday -Saturday: 8 AM – 12 AM

Friday: 2 PM – 12 AM

Sunday: 9 AM – 12 AM

Telephone: 2331630


With coffee shops & cafés on the rise in Brunei Darussalam, it becomes more important for owners to put more creative thought into their interior designs, as good design can also play a crucial part in giving that rich atmosphere & relaxing ambience.

Verve Espresso, I would say has a minimalist appeal – with neutral colour tones & incorporation of industrial materials such as metal chairs & wooden tables- providing a very spacious, professional & comfortable surrounding. It is definitely a place I would recommend getting some work done or to have a group study session (but you would need to book the long table ahead!) 📚 📝

This asymmetrical stack of shelves & bright colours added that contemporary twist. 





Every time I come to Verve, I tell myself to try something new, but each time without fail, I end up ordering their Vanilla Butterscotch Flavoured Coffee. I just really like that smooth, sweet & buttery taste! 😍  Ugh! Maybe next time- but it is just so good! As I recall, their Flat White was also quite nice – strong, bitter & smoky taste. (Don’t ask me about acidity or nodes, etc -I don’t know those stuff. 😅)

Butterscotch Flavoured Coffee ($5.90)
They offer a range of food perfect for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Pancakes anyone?

For my lunch, I ordered a nice plate of Spaghetti Aglio Olio (cooked in garlic, chili, basil, parsley & Himalayan Sea Salt) w  FRESH Prawns bought that morning.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawns ($16)


Look at those succulent, JUICY prawns! My oh my, were those prawns moist & perfectly seasoned.😍 However, with one spoonful of the spaghetti, I instantly knew that IT. WAS. SPICY! 🌶 🌶🌶   For people with a higher tolerance for chili, I think they would be able to take this, but for my poor, sweet, dear old self- no… 😭  I was already sweating eating this dish, but it was still quite delicious. If I do order this next time round, I would request for less chili, as they did use one whole red chili & some chili flakes.

In order to cool my burning throat, (like literally, it was fire to me🔥 ), I ordered their Strawberry & Lychee Italian Soda, which was really yummy as well as refreshing. Aaa… just what I needed, especially on a hot, sunny day! 😄

Strawberry and Lychee Italian Soda ($6)

Would you believe it if I said that the cup they used above WASN’T plastic? Yup, Verve Espresso take pride over their cups that are made from cornstarch, hence making them 100% biodegradable. #savingtheplanetonecornstarchcupatatime 🌏


One thing that I forgot to take a picture of was my friend’s Rose Latte🌹. Like me, she only orders this each time she comes to Verve! So you could try that out.

If it was not stressed before, Verve Espresso is one of my favourite cafes in Brunei so I was very excited when they updated their mains recently to include Fresh Tuna Steak, Ribeye Steak as well as Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto -sweet mother- so there may… be more entries in the future! You just have to stay tuned. 😘



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