Neptune Restaurant 🦑

Although Tamu Selera in Bandar is our go to for delicious yet affordable seafood, we thought we would splurge a bit to eat at Neptune Restaurant. If you have only heard of Neptune but have never been there, it is located right next to Pasar Jerudong, where the dark areas are. At the very end you will see two big houses and a lot of cars parked in front- That’s Neptune.

Last year, they made an even BIGGER extension to accommodate popular demands
This was the original Neptune restaurant with an outdoor extension (not included above)
WhatsApp Image 2017-02-10 at 8.39.52 PM.jpeg
This was how the new extension looked like inside. It was brightly lit which I liked. 
And very spacious so people could host functions here… (if they’re millionaires)


Since we have been to Neptune a couple of times before, we ordered straight away:

Sayur Midin w Garlic ($8)

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚

I probably should not start with the star of the show, but this dish was the very best of all!⭐️  For my readers who do not like vegetables, you may skip along…😜  But for my veggie lovers, this Midin was impeccable. It was very crunchy so THAT IS freshness guaranteed! They prepared the Midin right – you have to pluck the leaves off one by one, instead of just pulling them all off in one go, or else you will have this getah taste that I hate so much, and the taste was just right.

Sambal Sotong ($15)

The Sambal Sotong at Neptune is actually my favourite and MUST order dish so my mouth was already salivating when this arrived.

However tonight (as before this dish had been consistently good), this dish did not meet my expectations. The sambal taste was there, it was the same, but I was not a big fan of the squid itself. It was quite hard and chewy. My dad also commented that the smell of the squid, ‘berubah sudah sikit’ or ‘kan buntuh’ which means it was already approaching its ‘shelf life’? The lack of freshness affected the taste overall so I was quite disappointed. 👎

Steamed Prawns ($15)

The prawns were over-steamed so they were quite hard. Next time, we might give specific instructions to quickly take the prawns out as we like the moist, softness and sweetness of perfectly steamed prawns. 😕

Steam Fish with Soya Sauce (800g) ($40)

This dish was alright, but I think we chose the wrong fish. Ikan berah-berahan was finished for the night and since we were not feeling Ikan Selungsong, we opted for Ikan Kerapu.

I never knew that the meat of Ikan Kerapu was quite elastic, or as our parents would say, ‘kanyal’. I was not quite used to this texture of steamed fish but it still tasted good -just chewy.

Steam Crabs with Garlic ($14)

If you do not absolutely ADORE garlic, this dish may not be for you.

As we turned the crabs around, we were surprised to see the whole underside completely covered and stuffed with garlic. They must have used 2-3 cloves for this!

Next time we would order steamed crabs as the garlicky taste overpowered the natural sweetness of the crab meat. It was actually quite alright after we scrapped the garlic off.


One thing that I like about Neptune is that they always serve free fruits (I checked the bill again) after we finish our meals. This helps to get rid of any fishy taste and end our meal on a literal sweet note as the fruits were extra sweet that night! 😋

Altogether we totaled at $117.50 (and we are just THREE people)😅 so you can bet your bottom dollar that we finished everything on the table! 💸 💸  For the same amount of food, we would probably pay half the amount, if we ate at Tamu Selera, but again, we felt like eating somewhere special for a change.

Lessons have been learnt that night so we will adjust accordingly for our next food trip here. As always, food is alright – just pricey.


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