I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELING 22! (Birthday Dinner) 🎂 🎉

I have been uploading loads of pictures on Instagram and Twitter during my birthday week but I have been putting off a proper write up on the spectacular birthday dinner that I had a few weeks ago, now why was that so? 🤔

It was honestly because every time that I looked at my pictures, my mouth would start salivating and my tummy would grumble… and I would wish oh-so-terribly to go back to that time all over again. 😩

But then again… it would be extremely selfish of me to not share with you the grand and dreamy experience that I had when I dined at none other than Spaghettini at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

Prior to my birthday, I have never EVER dined at Spaghettini before because I knew that it being a premium fine dining restaurant that served creative modern cuisine as well as being placed in a luxurious 5 star hotel, it has gotta be incredibly expensive. 🤑  Hence I have been saving Spaghettini for years… just for that special occasion, and certainly my 22nd birthday was the right time for me to cash in.

You gotta go big or go home right? 👸🏻   (😝 )

Spaghettini furnished an elegant and immaculent decor -you would not have expected anything less from a place like this. The restaurant also gave a very romantic ambience so it would be the perfect dinner place for couples to spend their anniversaries. 💍  💐


In previous pictures that I have seen online, there would have been a grand piano placed here but perhaps they stopped that.


I took this picture at 10 pm when all the customers have left, but it was packed when we came at 8! Thank goodness that I booked a table.

My favourite part of the restaurant (besides the food) was the view we had of the intricate designs of the Empire Lobby.

Spaghettini has changed their menu a few times and this (pictured below) was their latest version. The exact menu can be found on the Empire hotel website.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.26.17 PM.png

We agreed on Mushroom Cappuccino soup to begin our gastronomical journey. And off we went! 🚀

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-19 at 4.23.51 PM.jpeg
Mushroom Cappuccino served with Chervil Cream and Croutons ($12)

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-19 at 4.23.51 PM (1).jpeg

Yikes! $12 for soup?! 😰  But trust me, it was worth EVERY spoonful and it was big enough to be shared between 2.

The cream soup consistency (texture) was perfect👌  -not too thick or ‘liquidy’? The mushroom flavour did not overpower and you can tell that the croutons were made fresh or at least kept properly because I really do not like croutons that are hard/stale/masuk angin, which I would get at most bistros that I dine at -but the croutons here were crisp and not too hard.

Seared Sea Bass ($32)

My mum ordered the Seared Sea Bass, which was served with wilted spinach, fava, cherry tomato, broccoli and caperberries.

Her review: ‘Less is more’ is how I would describe my dish. The seabass was freshly grilled with a bit of olive oil which gave out this pleasant salty and sour taste. The caperberries were tiny pea-like bursts of lemony flavour, which helped to take away that fishy taste (lantoh), however I could tell that the fish was fresh as well. The dish was simply accompanied with boiled spinach, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, yet the meal was super delicious. I was very happy with this dish. 


Grilled Australian beef tenderloin 170 G ($55)


My father and I ordered a medium-well tenderloin which was served with whipped potato, roast vegetable, seared porcini mushrooms, wilted spinach with balsamic reduction.

Where do I EVEN begin????  😭

First of all, the doneness was spot on. 💯  This was a rare occasion as our medium to medium-well steaks at other restaurants would usually come as well-done (grey/brown throughout) or dry…. but when we cut into our steaks, not only was it bouncy and juicy, it had that glorious pink center that we wanted. 😍

The steaks were perfectly seasoned through and through, so we did not need to add salt or pepper. They were succulent (moist and juicy) and honestly, they felt like butter melting in our mouths as we chewed. 🤤  I do not know how else to convince you but this was by far, and hands down the best steak I had in Brunei Darussalam.

My father’s review: If you ever have the craving to eat good tenderloin at a restaurant, simply stop, don’t do it! Instead, you should wait until the next month so that you can splurge for a steak at Spaghettini. This way, you get to save some dosh in order to eat one of the best tenderloin steaks in Brunei. The tenderloin in Spaghettini is simply superb and easily the best in Brunei by a mile. The beef simply melts in your mouth even at medium well doneness, sweet and full of the honest to goodness high quality beef flavour and cooked to perfection. It is of course, on the pricy side but it is worth the wait and saving the money for. I would prefer to eat the tenderloin here once and pay the hefty price rather than to eat twice in any other cheaper restaurant. Satisfaction is guaranteed and ‘berbaloi’.

(-I would know because we have not eaten steak since then…😅 )

Lastly, what is a birthday dinner without a birthday cake?🍰 Once again, my parents successfully surprised me with a group of waiters suddenly singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song loudly and cheerfully (Yes! In that restaurant!) and we were served with a lovely warm chocolate walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream on the side and raspberry coulis.


I did not make a wish as I blew out my candle that night as I was already so grateful and happy for the amazing dinner I had with my parents, the blessings I had in my 22 years of living as well as my place in this world, right now. #blessedup! 🌸 I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely parents, my friends and readers for the wonderful birthday greets and support you have given me. 😊 They truly mean a lot to me and I will work harder to provide better food adventures in the future.

Until then, stay golden and have a great week! 👋  💛


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