Relax, bro. Chillout! R.B.C. It’s a lifestyle. ✌🏻

You have to admit that Royal Brunei Catering is on a roll!🔥  First, it was The Horizons Seafood Restaurant, then it was Magnum ( and we all know what a big hit that was!) and now we welcome their latest invention… 🙈

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-03 at 8.44.00 PM.jpeg
Loving their electric sign board! Just like Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe diner in Riverdale (if you watch)

Smacked in the heart of our beloved capital city that is Bandar Seri Begawan and underneath The Horizons Seafood Restaurant… R.B.C. Lifestyle is strategically placed along the waterfront where diners can eat while soaking in the breathtaking views of our Kampung Ayer. 🚤

My family and I had the benefit of coming in on a Friday night and the ambience there with sounds of water crashing against the Waterfront and cooling breeze gave an ultimate soothing experience. ☺️ Just what we needed after a long day! #bliss 💆🏻

Open Monday – Fridays: 7 AM – 11 pm

Saturday, Sundays and Eve of Public Holiday: 7.00am-12.00am

Contact: 2220185 or 2220186

Instagram: rbclifestyle_bn


One of the defining features of R.B.C. Lifestyle is their in built (Mercedes!😜) food truck to give that authentic American-style dining experience.

They serve a variety of light food such as mini sliders ($8.50) which are basically mini burgers🍔, frankfurters🌭 ($5.50), smoked chicken wings ($6.80), fish & chips, shake fries🍟, spaghetti bolognese🍝 ,beef lasagna, 6″ pizza and your good ol’ typical American breakfast. They also serve Asian food such as Nasi Lemak, Kolo Mee and Martabak with chicken curry and dalcha ($3.50).

Which you can see being prepared in their open kitchen. Personally, I like places with an open kitchen concept because it ensures cleanliness and quality.

The restaurant has only an outdoor seating area, all equally overlooking the water village so people don’t have to fight to the death for a good view 😂 . I especially liked the wooden picnic benches which are perfect for larger groups. This would be a great place to chill out with your friends, especially on a Saturday night which I can imagine will be quite lively.




I am a MAD fan for anything local so I got all pumped up when I saw this wall art created by one of our very own local artists.😍 Check out their Instagram @stain.bn! I absolutely loved the colours used, the shading and how the wall art brought a more young and fresh vibe to R.B.C. Lifestyle.

This is such a good backdrop for an Instagram post!

Now, on to the food!

You have to place your order at the food truck and wait for your number to be announced to pick up your food at the ‘Loading Bay’. I just find these little things super cool! 😎



The food comes prepared in cardboard boxes ready for take away so it saves you the hassle if you suddenly find yourself having to go.

Groovy Salsa Sliders 6 pcs ($8.50)

My mum ordered the Groovy Salsa Sliders which were juicy 100% beef patties (cutely wrapped, I must add!😄) topped with fiery Mediterranean style salsa. Hooo wee! 😂  Indeed, we found the salsa to be spicy and sour.

Prosperous Sliders 6 pcs ($8.50)

I ordered the Prosperous Sliders where were grilled beef patties lathered in black pepper sauce and drizzled with honey mustard sauce.

We preferred this over the Salsa Sliders! The prosperous sliders tasted like actual homemade burgers, just a cute miniature version. At first, when we bit into the sliders, they were bland… but then we got to that oh-so-delicious honey mustard sauce in the middle… YES! 😋

As an avid lover of bbq chicken wings… I had to order myself a box of this.

Smoked Wings 6 pcs ($6.80)

Imagine Pizza Hut’s smoked chicken wings except these were not sweet and they were spicier. I quite enjoyed and preferred these wings very much.

Salsa Frankfurter Jumbo Sausage ($5.50)

My father ordered the Salsa Frankfurter. Again, the sauce was a bit sour for me but the sausage itself was very soft. The next time I pay a visit, I would definitely give their Chili Beef Frankfurter a try!

Overall, I would recommend the smoked chicken wings and the prosperous sliders if you were thinking of trying out R.B.C. Lifestyle. 😊

Chitty Bang Bang -Oreo Milkshake ($4.50)

Keeping with the Lifestyle concept, R.B.C. Lifestyle organizes a free Zumba session every Sunday, at 7.30 am, which I have yet to try! Who knows, you might just see me there. 🙈


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