Roasted Sip, Jerudong ☕️

Anyone who lives in Jerudong would have shared the same excitement I had when I first heard of a speciality coffee joint brewing near me! FINALLY, I would not have to drive out so far just to get a premium and freshly roasted cup of coffee. 😁


Location: Jerudong Complex (the same complex area with GK Restaurant and Crossfit 673 Jerudong, but you will find Roasted Sip opposite GK Restaurant)

Business Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 7 am to 7 pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm (However, the closing hours sometimes change so it would be advisable to check from their Instagram)

Instagram: @roastedsip

Contact: 2610850


The cafe itself is quaint,
With a very comfortable leather sofa perfect for lounging,
And a workplace bench for people to do their work. Featuring Roasted Sip’s in house Coffee Roaster behind the glass window, which would explain the strong aroma of coffee in the cafe.



When it comes to coffee, you will definitely  be spoilt for choice here at Roasted Sip and you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

However, if you are feeling peckish (like how I was), it would be great to warn you that the choice of nibblets here is limited, as seen in the menu above. However, it is important to keep in mind that Roasted Sip opened a few days ago so they will possibly expand their menu further in the near future.

Vintage Cappuccino ($5.50)

Before I start commenting on the coffee, it is important for me to say that I am not a coffee aficionado (still learning! 🙈) but I did try to take my time when sampling the coffees so that I could give you, my lovely readers, my best review. ♥️️

The cappuccino emitted a sweet aroma, almost…. fruity, and it had a rich caramel sweetness to its taste with a nutty undertone. Smooth and easy to drink. The coffee definitely kicked in immediately and it was not too milky as I have tasted in other joints.

The caramelized burnt sugar skin on top added a nice touch to the taste and overall presentation of the cappuccino, because it really did look impeccable in person.

RS Mocha ($6)


The Roasted Sip Mocha was definitely rich and full-bodied, featuring dark chocolate and pronounced nutty qualities and left a bittersweet chocolate aftertaste. If you prefer your Mocha to have more of a bitter taste rather than milky, this is the place for you.

As today was their fifth day, they were only left with Chicken Curry Puff, Salted Egg Croissant and some desserts.



The texture of the chicken curry puff was spot on as it was light and flaky and the chicken curry was not too spicy. 😋


If you can tell the difference between a Robusta and Arabica coffee or better still between different nuances of coffee beans coming from different producing regions such Ethiopia, Colombia, Papua etc ; or different modes of roasting and brewing, then Roasted Sip is really a place for you…. or meaning to say that, this is a coffee connoisseur’s place.

However, it is not to say that it is not a place for people who are not at that level yet (…like me), certainly not!😂  Even if you cannot tell the subtle differences apart, you can still tell that Roasted Sip brews a good cup of coffee- and that is good enough, albeit being on the pricier side. Moreover, the menu does not just offer simple and mundane coffee that we are used to but also pushes beyond that to offer creative and quirky choices. One of them is their Signature coffee, the Jellate- which has their own coffee jelly inside.

Also, thank you to the owners for opening up in Jerudong! ☺️


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